Alissa is a certified 500 E-RYT instructor. She began her yoga practice 10 years ago as a tool to calm her anxiety and find solace through grieving the loss of her mother. After 5 years of practice she knew she wanted to become an instructor so she could share the benefits of yoga with others.  She received her 200 RYT in 2015 and her 500 RYT in 2016. She has used yoga as a tool for managing anxiety, depression, perfectionism, insomnia and body dysmorphia. In 2019, She completed her E-RYT 500 certification as well as a course on trauma informed yoga and meditation for youth.


She is a Florida native and IRB resident. She is the mother of two amazing kiddos and married to her middle school sweetheart. Alissa is a volunteer Guardian Ad-Litem and mentor in the public-school system.  When not on the mat, she loves to read, sew and refinish furniture. Her family loves to travel and spend time on the water. Along with her yoga classes, her teaching path is to venture into helping others who are suffering from trauma and those looking to make big life changes. Alissa loves a strong and fun class that challenges and pushes the edge, but her true passion is cultivating salve and resolve for others through the teachings of yogic principles. 

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Amber trained with Yoga Six in Vinyasa for her 200 hour RYT. She studied Baptiste Power yoga and has taught for over six years. Amber started taking yoga classes regularly when she was living in Korea as an ESL teacher around 2008. She moved to Hong Kong and started frequenting a studio, writing for yoga magazines and immersing herself within the yoga culture of the world. She had started to realize that wherever she was, yoga kept her grounded and emotionally capable of handling whatever the world could throw her way. After moving back to the US, Amber took a YTT course in 2015 and has been teaching in the hot rooms and through vinyasa and yin. She likes to share the calm, peaceful feeling that she gets from taking yoga classes to teaching yoga classes. Amber believes that yoga is for every body and personally enjoys yin, cycling and time with her family and dogs on the beach. 

Ashley found yoga in late 2014, when she had been diagnosed with many different back issues and was looking to feel better. In January 2015, she committed herself to try yoga consecutively for 30 days and hasn't stopped since. First starting out with a home practice while living in Knoxville, Tennessee, she was hungry for a local yoga community. Once moving to Clearwater in July 2015, she found the passionate yoga community she was looking for. Yoga first started out as a good way to stretch her body but has become such a deeper experience for her since then. She knew she wanted to deepen her understanding of the practice and completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training in June 2016 with Calley Masson Sunderman at The Yoga Room. Ashley loves teaching all styles of yoga including Ashtanga, yin, gentle and fun flow classes. She is eager to spread her knowledge and love of the practice to everyone she meets.


Corinne is a 500RYT, classically trained in Hatha yoga, and teaches a variety of yoga methods including Vinyasa, Power, Yin, Meditation, Chakra and Bandha work. 

Corinne was drawn to yoga after a severe injury which had sidelined her running practice. She quickly realized that yoga was providing more than just a means of healing and strengthening.  She felt a profound shift and noticed improvement in her focus, concentration and management of stress levels off the mat. That inspired her to attend teacher training with the intention of deepening her own personal practice. 

After graduating, Corinne became passionate to share the far-reaching practice of yoga and its benefits with others. With an emphasis on the Iyengar and Kripalu lineages which highlight proper alignment, Corinne is technical with her teaching so her students can learn to improve range of motion and to find equanimity in both body and mind. 

Meet her on the mat, and enjoy a challenging, mindful practice!

Ginger is a 200 RYT yoga instructor and Second Degree Reiki practitioner. While teaching a variety of class styles, she loves sharing the gift of yoga with her students and teachers of all levels. A connective energy, in her classes she combines breath work with postures to maximize internal heat with movement to deepen the practice. It’s a wonderful way to cultivate awareness and flexibility while strengthening. Practicing helps us connect internally. Come join her on your Sunday for a relaxing and empowering weekend!

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Lori is an Ashtanga Based ERYT200/ERYT500/CPR Certified yoga instructor. After an extensive home practice, Lori earned her 200-hour RYT Training at Anala Yoga and then her 500-hour RYT with Sharon Denton Yoga. Lori is a Pinellas Virtual School English Lead Instructor with an Education background from the College of St. Scholastica, Exeter College, Oxford University, England, and the University of Minnesota. Lori has served as the Tru-Well ( Spiritual Coach providing meditation and Yoga education and published yoga articles for an on-line wellness website. Working remotely enabled Lori to develop discipline of the mind and body practicing the eight limbs of yoga. Lori believes in the positive benefits of all styles of yoga and hopes to guide others to this healing practice. If you ask her “What is yoga?” her response, “Yoga is poetry of the body” and what else would you expect from an English Major?


Randi lovingly commits herself to the practice of yoga and to her students. Joyfully present

in healing and wellness spaces, Randi found herself practicing, then studying, Baptiste Yoga

at Warrior ONE in Dunedin, FL. Her intention is to bring light and acceptance to all her students.

Feeling honored to teach in  good vibes of the ZEN studio, Randi cherishes all the wonderful

students who show up on the mat for her classes and for themselves. 

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Tina’s life got sweeter when yoga came into it eight years ago. Being a massage therapist for 20 years and enjoying the gym, yoga at first was all about the exercise and getting stronger and more flexible, but it soon became much more. Being committed to her own practice, she will always consider herself a student first.  Tina loves the mindfulness and the work “in” that takes us into now. 


Her style of teaching is slow. Saturating and rooting in the pose to navigate with breath to steady the mind and the body. Sprinkled with meditation and inspiration to help bring yogis to the present moment.  She gives options (not

obligations) to deepen the pose but to always honor the body. Tina wants her students to keep deep steady breaths and to do what is right for them and their practice. 

She says to-

“Remember that there is no such thing as being bad at yoga. We are all students, and we always will be.”

Whether you're brand new to yoga, or a seasoned yogi, ZEN has a class for you.