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ZEN Massage and Yoga was founded in 2011 by local IRB resident Hope Wyant. Her intent was to create a space of mind, body, and soul healing to allow everyone the opportunity to come enjoy the therapies available. 


Over these past nine years, ZEN has grown into a leader for massage and yoga on the Gulf Beaches. Now staffed with multiple massage therapists, who all bring their own healing energy to the studio, ZEN is sure to have just the massage you are looking for. We offer a variety of yoga classes at different levels for all yogis to enjoy including classes in the studio, on the beach, and even private yoga at your own residence! 


We cater to local residents and tourists alike through our services and healing environment. Our goal is that you will be treated like family so you will come be comfortable and enjoy your time here. People typically let out a big breath of *calm* upon entering our studio. 


At ZEN Massage and Yoga, we incorporate healing massage with mind quieting yoga, resulting in an epic combination of calming energy flowing through our studio.


We believe every person’s body is unique, so each massage is customized just for you, ranging from relaxation to therapeutic and deep tissue. Listening to the client is an important part of providing an excellent massage, and our massage therapists are great listeners. There is no “one size fits all” massage at ZEN. 


Each yoga instructor brings something unique to their class. Our instructors put a focus on alignment and breath, while always providing modifications for each individual and their specific needs. Whether you have never taken a yoga class before, or have taken hundreds, here at ZEN, we have a class for you.


Every person deserves to feel good. At ZEN, we hope that we can help you on your journey to feeling your best. The mind body connection is powerful for healing and with our positive vibes, wonderful classes, and healing massage, we can help you get to where you need to be. Stop in or give us a call to see how our services can revitalize you today. :) 


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