Sage Bundling Workshop

   Join us in this workshop to learn how to build your own sage smudge bundle! Sage burning, also known as smudging is an ancient spiritual practice of burning plant material to energetically cleanse your space, and invite positive energy in. The practice spans many cultures, notably First Nations and Native American as well as Feng Shui, Wiccan & new age beliefs. Burning sage has been shown in a number of studies to improve mood and cognition, as well as improving sleep quality.

   Burning Sage in particular touts many health benefits. It is both antimicrobial and antibacterial, may kill up to 90% of airborne bacteria and also repels insects. It is believed to release negative ions which neutralize positive ions such as pollen, mold, dust & pet dander. Spiritually speaking, smudging is thought to ward off negative thoughts and toxicity.


   Lindsay will lead this class and provide all instruction, sage, lavender and other materials to make a beautiful herbal blend for you to take home and use! Spaces are limited, so sign up to secure your spot. The class is $25, please pay in advance online by clicking on our Yoga tab, clicking on Pricing & Schedule, and selecting the Sage Bundling Workshop on February 6th or feel free to give us a call at 727.417.7349 and we will help you out!

Self Love Gentle Yoga &

Guided Meditation

Valentine's Day can bring up many different emotions for many different people. Whatever feelings come up for you the weekend of Valentine's Day, this workshop will give you the tools to journey into the mind, body, and soul & connect with a sense of love and acceptance from within. ❤
All are welcome to join soul coach & certified yoga instructor, Jaida Jones, on Saturday, February 13th for an evening of mindful intention setting, gentle yoga & guided meditation.
Our evening will begin with an intention setting practice, which will include a brief journaling exercise to truly tune into your sense of worthiness & self-acceptance.
Once you've set your intention, we'll dive into a gentle and restorative yoga practice, where we'll explore a series of beginner-friendly sitting, standing, and lying down postures which will allow you to connect to your body from a place of self-love. This practice will be focused on opening up the heart chakra and creating a sense of acceptance within the body, mind, and soul. Whether you've never taken a yoga class or you practice every day, please know that this yoga class will be suitable for all levels.
Following our yoga practice, Jaida will guide you through 30 minutes of a self-love guided meditation. This guided meditation will be focused on cultivating and nurturing deep states of inner peace and self love within the mind, body, and soul. We'll even create something called an anchor, which will allow you to tune into your deepest sense of self-love anywhere at any time.
Due to social distancing guidelines, there are only 8 spots available for this workshop. Please be sure to secure your tickets in advance, as this workshop sold out last year. ❤
Your workshop ticket will also come with a gift. ❤

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