Root Chakra

Friday September 9th 5:30-8:00 pm


Join Lindsay in this fun & meditative workshop to make your own japa mala necklace! Create a beautiful tool to deepen your practice using both semi-precious gemstone beads and traditional wood beads.

Together we'll explore the metaphysical and chakra healing benefits of the individual stones that correspond with the theme for that workshop! This month we will focus on activating and aligning the Root chakra by incorporating grounding gemstone into our meditation mala practice.


Natural gemstones may be used to help open and align the chakras with their unique vibrational frequency and energy. Come heal with us, ground yourself, raise your vibration, and set new goals and intentions for personal growth in this workshop. At the end of the class we will guide you through the process of activating & using your mala as a tool for your personal meditation practice.

Cost is $45 per student and includes all materials needed to make and take home your handmade mala necklace. This workshop is limited to 7 people so please reserve your space ahead! You can call us at 727-417-7349 to reserve your space or click the link below, scroll down to the yoga schedule, and click on the event on Friday September 9th.