Join ZEN for a mandala making workshop led by guest artists Natalia. Using paint and canvas, you will intentionally create a beautiful & bright work of art to take home! Mandalas are used as basic symbols for concentration and meditation, personal growth, protection & healing.

The Mandala represents an imaginary palace that is contemplated during meditation. Each object in the palace has significant, representing an aspect of wisdom or reminding the mediator of a guiding principle. The mandalas purpose is to help transform ordinary minds into enlightened ones and to assist with healing.

Natalia teaches regular classes at the Beach Arts Center here in Indian Rocks Beach if you love her work and wish to take more classes.

Cost is $45 per student and includes all materials needed to make a beautiful mandala painting. This workshop will be held at ZEN on 12/11/2021 from 5:30-8:30PM. Space is limited so please sign up online in advance to secure your spot today!

Join Lindsay of ZEN for a mala making workshop that focuses on healing the chakras or centers of life force energy in the body. Learn the process of making your own japa mala necklace & the art of using a mala for your personal meditation practice.

We will supply everything you need for this class: instruction, assistance & all materials. Using traditional sandalwood, camphor or rosewood mala beads as well as semi-precious gemstone beads, we'll explore the metaphysical and chakra healing benefits of individual stones. When chakras get out of balance or blocked, it can cause a variety of issues in your life and health. Natural gemstones can be used to help reopen and align the chakras with their unique frequency and energy. At the end of the class we will guide you through the process of activating & using your mala as a tool for meditation.

Cost is $45 per student and includes all materials needed to make and take home your meditation mala necklace. This workshop is limited to 10 people and will be held at ZEN on 12/18/2021 from 1:00 - 3:30PM.