Jaida Jones has been practicing yoga since 2014 as a method of alleviating neck & back pain as well as soothing symptoms of anxiety. After experiencing the healing effects of this practice, it became her personal mission to help others heal their minds, bodies, and souls. In 2018, Jaida traveled to the birthplace of yoga, India, to obtain her 200 hour RYT and has since been guiding others through yoga, meditation, and other forms of natural healing professionally. 

Melissa is a Florida grown Yogi that fell in love with yoga 10 years ago. She has always been a place of calm in the storm and when she was introduced to yoga, she instantly fell in love. She took her 200 hour yoga teacher training at the Yoga Village in Clearwater. There, she studied with Jay Martin, who drilled alignment into the future teachers’ heads and allowed them to develop their own alignment driven practice. Melissa’s classes meet every level where the student is at in their practice. She offers each level of each pose while teaching, so the yogi student can decide where their body needs to be.

Tina’s life got sweeter when yoga came into it eight years ago. Being a massage therapist for 20 years and enjoying the gym, yoga at first was all about the exercise and getting stronger and more

flexible, but it soon became much more. Being committed to her own practice, she will

always consider herself a student first.  Tina loves the mindfulness and the work “in” that

takes us into now.  Her style of teaching is slow. Saturating and rooting in the pose to

navigate with breath to steady the mind and the body. Sprinkled with meditation and

inspiration to help bring yogis to the present moment.  She gives options (not

obligations) to deepen the pose but to always honor the body. Tina wants her students to

keep deep steady breaths and to do what is right for them and their practice.  She says to

“Remember that there is no such thing as being bad at yoga. We are all students, and we always will be.”

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